Salty Man 30ml

  • $17.99

NOTE: Not for sub-ohm use.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

7-Pound Cake: A sweet and savory flavor that fuses a lemon lime inhale that transforms into a thick buttery pound cake topped with the perfect amount of glazed icing, creating a sweet & savory flavor.

Blues Lemonade: An ode to our favorite sweet blue raspberry candies mixed into a refreshing lemonade.

Chew: A reiteration of strawberry watermelon bubblegum, borrowing notes of sun-ripened strawberries and fusing it with a heavy overtone of juicy watermelons.

Juiced Apple: The rich and succulent apple flavoring, in combination with the rich and delectable fruity aftertaste, is a perfect combination for those hot summer days.

Kacti Kooler: A fresh orange and pineapple soda that is a reminder of our favorite citrus fountain drink.

Kool Peach: A soft taste of sweet peaches blended with menthol for a frosty, fruity sensation with every hit.

Pink Milk: The classic strawberry milk.

Purple Reign: A fusion of grapes to create this exceptional candy.

Seedless Sour: A perfect fruity combination of watermelon and our favorite sour candies.

Hoops: Stuff your face into a bowl of freshly poured pebbled cereal, filled up to the brim with cold creamy milk!