Suorin Air PLUS Kit

  • $39.99

Suorin has set the conventional mouth-to-lung (MTL) community ablaze with its revolutionary Air Pod System Kit. Building off its tremendous achievement, the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Starter Kit represents another development by Suorin. Featuring an upgraded battery and chipset, greater wattage and e-liquid capacities, and also two different cartridges for regular e-juice or nicotine salts. The Suorin Air Plus sets a new benchmark in all-in-one devices.

True to the Suorin ethos and manufacturing legacy, the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit is a built platform. Featuring its iconic flattened surface region, the Air Plus resembles a top-shelf smartphone. This layout suggestion gives you the capacity to showcase your Suorin among your enthusiast friends, or even tuck it away as soon as the need for discretion arises.

The 0.7-ohm cartridge is best optimized for freebase-nicotine flavors. The 1.0-ohm cartridge is targeted particularly for Salted stimulants. This choice provides you with a range of expressions in the Air Plus device.

Ultimately the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Starter Kit comprises numerous conveniences by Suorin. A part of this feature is that the LED battery-life indicator. Featuring a grid-light platform, intuitively tells you when a recharge is necessary.